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Think You Need to Go Hi-Tech to Defend Your Home?

2nd June 2014 Locksmith Service,Security Systems 0 Comments

affordable locksmithAlthough home invasions and burglaries in Canada have decreased overall in the last five years, according to the Conference Board of Canada, the fact is that homeowners still shell out more than $14 billion annually to repair their homes, replace stolen goods, and pay for medical bills resulting from burglaries every year. Similarly, automobile theft costs Canadians a whopping $1 billion annually. Needless to say, Canadians have reason to worry that their homes, cars, and families aren’t as safe as they could be.

Naturally, those folks may seek out affordable locksmith services to help secure homes and vehicles. Security technologies have come a long way since the dawn of the computer age, but while many of these modern technologies seem ironclad, they pale in comparison to one of the oldest security technologies out there: the deadbolt.

Three Security Technologies That Aren’t That Great

  1. Retinal Scanning Systems
    As Techno Buffalo, a popular technology website, points out, retinal scanning systems are increasingly popular for securing vehicles. The procedure is simple; you call your affordable locksmith, they install a retinal scanner that works with your ignition system, and your car will no longer start without you behind the wheel.

    You might be thinking that a retinal scanner is the perfect solution — after all, who else has your eyes? Unfortunately, retinal scanners can easily be dismantled and even hacked — and what happens if there’s an emergency and someone else needs to drive your car? Don’t bother calling your auto car locksmith for this one.

  2. Internet Home Surveillance Systems
    The last decade has seen a boom in home surveillance systems. As NBC News writes, homeowners like being able to log in to their surveillance cameras via the internet, whether they’re on a mobile device or their work computer, giving them peace of mind that everything is okay.

    As any local locksmith services can tell you, home surveillance kits aren’t as great as they seem. The last few weeks have brought a slew of cases where hackers have broken into home surveillance systems and even baby monitors, using them to plan crimes while homeowners are away. Even so, you shouldn’t discount these systems entirely. With the help of reputable residential locksmith services, surveillance systems can be secured, helping you protect your home and loved ones.

  3. Thumbprint Safe Boxes
    One of the most recent trends seen by many affordable locksmith services is homeowners asking for safe boxes with thumbprint readers. Thumbprint readers can be found on everything from the latest iPhone to home entry systems, but safe boxes inarguably work the best. Most homeowners choose to stash cash or defensive weaponry in their safes. Like the other tech on this list, thumbprint scanners can be hacked or even duped by crafty criminals.
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